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Capsule History of the American Legion

               A group of twenty officers who served in the American expeditionary Forces (A.E.F.) in France in World War I is credited with planning the Legion. A The A.E.F. Headquarters asked these officers to suggest ideas improve the morale. In February 1919, these officers formed a temporary committee and selected several hundred officers who had the respect  and confidence of the whole army.

             When the first organization meeting took place in Paris in March 1919, about 1,000 officers and enlisted men attended. The meeting known as the Paris Caucus, adopted a temporary constitution and the name The American Legion. It also elected an executive committee to complete the organization's work. The executive committee named a subcommittee to organize veterans at home in the U.S.

Post #77 History

In Maryland, Talbot County, Easton, Maryland , fifteen Negro men who served in the U.S. military between April 16, 1917 and November 11, 1918 organized an American Legion Post in Easton, Maryland. These fifteen men of World War I, were placed on a temporary charter awarded to them on February 26, 1920. The late Mr. Robert Poney was one of the main organizers. The late Mr Harry N Dobson was designated the representative to sign the application.

               During that a time there were two local World War I soldiers who were missing in action, Mr. Nelson Blake of Unionville, Maryland and Mr. john Blackston of Trappe, Maryland. In honor of these two World War I soldiers the name Blake-Blackston was born. Mr. Harry N. Dobson was the first Post #77 Commander.

              To carry out the programs of the American Legion,our pioneer members held meetings in their homes and several other palaces in the community. Property was purchased at 102 Glenwood Avenue in Easton, Maryland and in 1958 this location became the permanent home of Post #77. A Permanent Charter was awarded to Blake- Blackstone Post #77 on June 27, 1960. In 1987 a 40 feet by 60 feet section was added to our home and we envision making our hall, lounge and kitchen larger in the future.             

               The late Walter Blake was the first Post #77 member to be elected to the Department of Maryland Executive Committee and Talbot County Commander. Charles Smothers was the first Post #77 member to elected as the North Eastern Shore District Commander.

               We are very proud of the fact that we have carried out and supported many programs of the American Legion.

             BlakeBlackston Auxiliary Unit #77's Charter was counter signed the Department of Maryland in 1947 and Sons of The American Legion Squadron #77 received its Charter in 1988.



Affiliated Organizations

A Women's Auxiliary of American Legion Unit #77 was formed on 1947. The Legion has every reason to be proud of it's Auxiliary.  Auxiliary members are always anxious and willing to co-operate in every Legion activity.

Sons of the Legion for American  Legion Squadron #77  was formed on 1988.  The Legion has every reason to be proud of it's Sons of Legion unit, which gained statewide recognition because of it's programs of service.

                                                                              Patriotic Days

MEMORIAL DAY has always been an outstanding occasion in this community. In addition to memorial events throughout the Talbot County community, the  goal of every Veteran to it's last man is to keep MEMORIAL DAY sacred to the memory of our war dead of all of the wars of the country; and all graves are decorated on this National Holiday.

 ARMISTICE DAY, now called VETERANS' DAY, originally marked the end of fighting in World War I. It is an important holiday on the calendar of Legionnaires everywhere and in the hearts of all Veterans.

Scholarships and Community Projects

American LegionPost #77 sponsors various scholarships for the further education of our children. We also sponsor and financially assist many worthy community projects and programs initiated by the National American Legion.

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