Blake-Blackston Post #77

Post #77 By-Laws

Revised in 1914 by Post #77 the Constitution and By-Laws Committee

Article 1 - Objectives

Section 1.   The American Legion, Blake- Blackston Post #77, Department of Maryland shall be governed by these By-Laws and the Department of Maryland By-Laws.

Section 2.    The objectives of Posit #77 are stated in Post #77 Constitution.

Section 3.   mission statement of this Post is to members and other community veterans and remain within the regulator guidelines of the not for profit laws of th state (501c19) of which this organization was chartered.

Article 11- Management

Section 1.   The management of Post #77 is entrusted to  Post #77 Executive Committee, which shall be elected to served as prescribed in Article;e  V11, Section 1 of Post #77 Constitution.

Section 2.   Post #77 Executive Committee shall consist of elected officers and three (3) members appointed by the  Commander, and past Post, County, District, Department and National Commanders of said Post. Elected officers and appointed members shall be installed prior to assuming heir duties 

Article 111- Post Executive Committee

Section 1.   Post #77 Executive Committee shall have charge of and be responsible of the affairs of the Post. Written minutes of all Post Executive Committee meetings and all approved committees reports shall be read in full at the next regular monthly meeting of the Post, and shall be maintained with the regular monthly meetings minutes at which they were approved.

Section 2.   Post #77 Executive  Committee shall meet for the organization and such other business as may come before it at the call of the Post Commander within ten days after the installation of new officers. Thereafter, the Post Executive Committee shall meet at least monthly, and as often as said commander may deem necessary. The Commander may call special meetings of the Executive Committee upon written, phone, or electronic request of three or more members of the Executive Committee, with a Commander and Adjutant or  Finance Officer present, shall constitute a quorum thereof. 

Section 3.   Post #77 Executive shall hire employees as may be necessary, shall authorized and approve all expenditures; shall require adequate bonds for members and employees having the custody of Post funds, shall hear the reports of post committees chairs, and generally shall have charge of and be responsible for the management of all affairs of the Post

Article 1V- Officers and Duties of  Officers

Section 1.   Commander: Post #77 Commander has the responsibility of teaching and protecting the cardinal principles of The American Legion. The Commander is entrusted with the responsibility of supervising the duties of all officers of the post. The Commander shall preside at all regular meetings and Executive Committee meetings and has general supervision over the business of the post. The Commander shall approve all requests for disbursements and shall make an annual report covering the business of the post for the year. The Commander, at the end of the year report, shall make any necessary recommendations for the succeeding year. The Commander shall be ex-officio at all post committee meetings except the nominating committee. The Commander shall be authorized to sign post checks. The Commander shall perform other duties as directed by the Post #77 Executive Committee.

Section 2.   First Vice Commander: The First Vice Commander shall  assumed and discharge the duties of the Office of the Commander in the absence or disability of, or when called upon by the  Commander. The First Vice Commander shall be responsible for an effective membership program of the post, and serve as Membership Chairperson. The First Vice Commander shall perform other duties as directed by Commander an/or Post #77 Executive Committee.

Section 3.   Second Vice Commander:  The Second Vice Commander shall perform the duties of the First Vice Commander and the duties of the Commander and First Vice Commander in the absence of both Commanders. The Second Vice Commander shall direct American Legion Program activities and social activities of the Post. The Second Vice Commander shall perform such duties as directed by the commander and/or Post #77 Executive Committee.

Section 4.   Adjutant:  The Adjutant shall advise and assist the Commander and ensure that the post is operating on a sound, effective, and legal manner. The Adjutant is the continuity person in the post. The Adjutant is the personnel officer and initiates  contact with the individual post members, maintains membership records, maintains minutes of meetings, checks up and assists with the work of other officers and committees, and publishes orders, instructions and newsletters. The Adjutant maintains custody of all post records and ensures the proper handling of post correspondences. The Adjutant shall work in close correlation with the Finance Officer in all matters relating to the Post finances. The Adjutant shall be concern with the ways and means of the post. The Adjutant shall perform other duties as directed by the Commander and/or Post #77 Executive Committee. The office involves a great deal of work, and it is strongly recommend that some degree of compensation be paid the Adjutant.

Section 5.  Finance Officer:  The Finance Officer shall be in charge of all receiving and disbursing of post funds. The Finance Officer must be a person of integrity and experience in handling financial affairs.  The Finance Officer shall sign post checks and ensure that procedures are in place for accounting and disposition of post funds. The Finance Officer shall report the financial status of the post at all regular monthly meetings and as directed by Post #77 Commander and Executive Committee. The Finance Officer prepares the annual budget and provides post  finance records to an independent Accountant Firm or an an independent for the post annual audit for completion by July 15 of each year. The Finance Officer shall perform such other duties as directed by the Commander and/or the Executive Committee. The office involves a great deal of work, and it is recommended that some degree of compensation be paid to the Finance Officer.   

Section 6.   Historian:  The Historian shall assume the responsibility of preserving and compiling the records of the post. The Historian shall prepare an annual history of post administrative year in the form of a written report or book. The Historian perform other such duties as directed by the Commander and/or the Executive Committee.

Section 7.   Service Officer:  The Service Officer shall assume the responsibility of dedication in service, administration and rehabilitation of post members, families of Post members and other Military Veterans. The Service Officer and the Veterans Affairs Committee shall provide guidance and assistance to Post members, families of Post members and other Veterans as directed by the Commander and/or Executive Committee The Service Officer shall provide financial assistance to Post members, families of Post members and other Military Veterans as directed by the Posts Commander and/or Executive Committee. The Service Officer shall is responsible for bringing to the attention of all Veterans and their dependents the rights and benefits granted to them by law.The Service shall perform other duties as directed by the Commander and/or the Executive Committee.

Section 8.   Chaplain:  The Chaplain shall be the spiritual leader of the Post. The Chaplain is the moral leader on occasions in  the conduct of meetings, observance of patriotic occasions, funeral services,and dedication ceremonies. The Chaplain shall be in touch with all officers of the Post and be in attendance or  represented at all meetings of the Post and the Executive Committee. The Chaplain shall perform the opening and closing prayer at all meetings . The Chaplain provide service to members , families of Post members, other Veterans and citizens of the community. The Chaplain shall provide spiritual assistance as directed by the Post #77 Commander and/or the Executive Committee.

Section 9.   Staff Judge Advocate:  The Staff Judge Advocate shall be the interpreter of the Constitution and Blaws for Post #77. The Staff Judge Advocate shall be called the Commander, Executive Committee and Post members to rule on the legality of their actions and decisions as to how it will have an effect on "the good of the Legion". The Staff Judge Advocate shall act as Judge at all trials and be the Judge of Elections The Judge Staff Judge Advocate shall shall perform such other duties as directed by Post #77 Commander and/or Executive Committee.

Section 10.   Sergeant At  Arms:  THe Sergeant At Arms shall preserve order at all meetings, know how to arrange the meeting hall, be the custodian of the colors and be in charge of the color guard detail during trhe presentations of and retirement ceremonies of the colors.The Sergeant At Arms must make certain that new members, families of new members and guests are welcome, introduce and made to feel important to Post #77. The Sergeant shall ensure that colors are posted and retired at all Post Regular and Executive Committee meetings. The Sergeant At Arms shall perfiorm such other duties sd directed by Post #77 Commander and/or the Executive Committee.

Article V-Delegates and Alternates Delegates

Section 1.  Post #77 Delegates to the Department of Maryland, Inc., Convention shall be the Commander-elect, and the Adjutant, However, if only two (2) delegates are authorized the Adjutant shall be an alternate delegate when the Commander and Commander elect are authorized to  attend the convention. The remaining delegates and alternate shall be nominated from the floor and voted from the membership present in attendance on Election Day. The highest number of votes for each member nominated shall determined  who will determine who will fill the remaining number of delegate authorized. (Example Seven (7) delegates authorized: Commander. Commander elected, Adjutant )3) and membership as stated (4)   

Section 2.   The number of delegates and alternates shall be as stated in Article V1 of Post #77 Constitution, Delegates and Alternates shall attend the Department Convention, District and County meetings and the District Caucus.

Section 3.   The Post 377 memberhsip shall nominate members, whose names shall be submitted to the County Caucus who will submit said names to the North Eastern shore District Caucus for the election of delegates to the National Convention. Post #77 nominees to the National Conventionn shall be as stated in article V, Section 1.

Section 4.   Any delegate to the National Convention using lodging not provided by Post 377 shall not be reinburse by Post #77.

Article V! - County, District, Department, and national Officers and Department executive Committee Members

Section 1.   Post #77 shall decide, by voting at the Election of Officers meeting, who shall represent the Post at County, District, Department, and National Officers and Department Executive Committee members.

Article V11 - Talbot County Commander

Section 1.   The Talbot County Commander shall represent The Department of Maryland Inc.,in the North Eastern Shore FDistrict and carry out all policies of the Department. The County Commander shall strive to strenthen and uinify trhe work of the American Legion by promoting cooperation among Post #70 and Post #77. The County Commander shall form a Talbot County Council that consists of the Executive Committees from each Post.

Section 2.   The County Commander shall be organize to meet every two months and their organization and function  be formalized by a Constotution to be approved by the North Eastern Shore District. Such Constitution may provide for appropriate County Ofgficers.














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